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Below are some samples of representative ICS projects. Please click on the book to see detail.

A dense, large-format
2-column layout with many charts, tables, and footnotes.

A number of styles. First
page replicates handwritten editorial markings.

A four-volume textbook
series with extensive Greek.

A typical text-heavy layout with light illustration; special accented characters in text.

Complex two-color project with sidebars, notes, recipes, and ornaments.

Text is mainly captions for images which are primarily reproductions of EEGs.
Multi-column layout.

A complex layout including special musical notation in text, 2-column extracts, dialog, and music examples as art.

A presentation of text with interesting design elements.

Includes Armenian text
and extensive tables.

Some representative samples
of scanning/image adjustment.

Combined English/Japanese characters; special accents.

A historical language study with English translation in
en-face layout.

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