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Composition is the process of making a manuscript look good in book layout format. It includes application of design elements to the text, placement of images, tables, and graphs, and attention to word spacing and hyphenation to assure readability in the finished product.

• Vast experience with academic publishing
• Our books have been award-winners
• We provide services to meet your needs
• Creative solutions to typesetting challenges

Whether you’re starting from a paper manuscript, the author’s file, or another format, ICS will set the text in a way that is guaranteed to make your project ready for the printer.

ICS has done composition for many award-winning books. Our attention to detail will assure you of a great looking product whether your book is full of images or of text.

Want to save your designers time? Have ICS do the initial setup and text preparation. We’ll then provide all the necessary files so your designer can do the actual page layout. Then send it back to us so we can input revisions and do the final file output while that designer goes on to other projects. Or if the designer has started the project, you can send it to us for the final file cleanup, index addition, and output.

Does your project require characters that aren’t found in standard font sets? Whether you need ancient Chinese characters, medieval ligatures, or a set of special accented characters, ICS can create them to match the other font(s) you’re using in your project.

We’re professional and flexible.

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